Friday, July 31, 2009

A Lil' Buckeroo is on the way! :)

Brady Fam Reunion, 7/11/09, 23 weeks

Man alive, the summer has flown by! And, as you can see, my high hopes for my blogging ability have deflated somewhat as I have forgotten to make an entry for a while! :) But, I couldn't put off posting our news any longer.... Colter and I are having a girl!! I am just about 26 weeks so I am due Nov. 7th. It has already been such a blessing and we are so grateful. Things have gone just right this time and I have even felt pretty good for most of it; still working, riding horses, and trying to be active but all while being cautious, of course. Colt is a good regulator of that and I appreciate it because it reminds me that he cares (plus he has a lot more medical knowledge than I do-- I just compare everything to equine (horse) pregnancy because of my studies- lol). I also appreciate how proud he is to be an expecting father. He makes me laugh because if anyone ever compliments me on looking a certain way while being pregnant, he always says "thank you!" like they're talking to him. He's a character :) Though I've been blessed with no complications as of yet, I won't beat around and say that it has been easy 24/7, or that I think it will be easy to cope with the changes physically/emotionally, but what good thing doesn't come with at least some challenges and experiences that can make you a better person/couple if you let them, right?!
The name we have picked out for her right now is Brighton (or Bryton). We think it sounds good with Bradshaw and I have been set on using that name if we had a girl for a couple years now. We think the middle name will be Odile, after my middle name and after my Grandma Odile Brady. She is due around my grandmother's birthday and that name has always meant a lot to me, as my Grandma Odile is one of the dearest women in my life- so kind and beautiful, elegent but yet a cowgirl, so warm and patient. I want to be more like her.
When we got the ultrasound pictures, there were some really fun things that we learned. First, the doctor said she has my nose (kind of the "BeWitched type nose" he said... which I still have not decided if it was a compliment or not, lol) so that was kind of fun to think that she was already developing traits from her parents. Than he asked if we had a "well built, athletic body type" in our family and we'd both really like to think so, so we said yes, and than he said that he could see muscle fibers developing already in her legs which he said was very early to see that. :) (I think at the moment Colt was picturing her scoring the game shot in a basketball game down the road and I was picturing her at the same time performing in dance/gymnastics attire). After that appointment, I called my mom and I couldn't hardly talk because I was so overcome with emotion from my gratitude that at this point, we have a healthy baby. I'll never forget that feeling.
My prayers go out to all of the women that are expecting, having difficulty getting pregnant, or who have had pregnancy that has led to heart aching loss. The good Lord made us the bearers of life for some reverencing reason... come good and hard times, I think we'll realize fully why one day.
I better try to get to sleep now-- this lil' gal feels like she is doing cartwheels inside me! But I have a lot more updating to do soon! Until next time!