Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buckeroo Bradshaw Update

Happy Labor Day all of you laborers! :) Okay, so these pics might seem a little off for me to be holding a 30/30 while pregnant (might as well live up the God given right to bare arms while we still have it) but we thought it would be funny, and so would Colter's silly ear plugs. About 2 weeks ago, we went up north on Colt's 4 days off to get away from the heat. It was what I wanted to do for my birthday, but we had 2 events last weekend on my b-day so we went up early. We stayed in Show Low for a couple days with his sister Tavi and her great fam, and enjoyed spending time with them and making visits to friends we have there. Tavi and Brian have 5 boys- 2 of which are twins, so their home is always exciting :) and we love it. We appreciate their hospitality in always taking us in. Colt, nephew Denton, and I went out to shoot and it was a lot of fun. I did shoot the 30/30 so I hope Bryton doesn't have hearing problems when she is born. We tried to put those cool ear muffs Colt is wearing on my belly but they just wouldn't stay. :) Than, Colt and I went spotlighting on a back road from Show Low to Pinedale and saw... nothing. But it was still fun. Than, we stayed the next 2 days at the Bradshaw cabin in Forest Lakes, and there we did see some elk, one of which being one of the most impressive 7 points we'd ever seen. We also went fishing which is one of my very favorite past times. But, I think I have lost my magic touch as a trout fisherman because all I got was some bites (most of which I think may have been crawdads...). But, I enjoyed every minute of it. There's something about hooking a worm and casting a line that is empowering :) Colt and I just enjoyed the cooler air and relaxing together. He has some great memories from the Bradshaw cabin that I always love to hear. I'm grateful we got to take that get-away together!

I also got to go to Oregano's for my birthday with two of my best friends in the world, Carli and Amy. We had a blast as we always do chatting and laughing and sporting Oregano's pazookie. I love you girls and thank you for your friendship!

I am now 31 weeks and still feeling well, but starting to forsee the physically uncomfortable side of being pregnant in the last downhill slope. Also, I tested positive for gestational diabetes so I had to take the more involved blood tests on Friday and we'll see what they say next week. I'm not too worried about it because it is common and managable, but I will admit that I was quite surprised. We were all joking that I wasn't allowed to eat my own birthday cake and that it was for "non-diabetics."

As for Colter and I, the biggest update besides the baby on the way, is that we are renting our house in Coolidge and temporarily moved into my parent's guesthouse a few months ago. Although I was initially sad to leave Coolidge, it has worked out very nicely for us and I have so enjoyed being close to family, especially while being pregnant and often home alone when Colt is on shift. The reasons for us to be in Mesa right now immediately began to unfold and we are grateful. Given this opportunity, we're now able to look at taking advantage of the market and buying some land, which is the goal.

Well, I hope all is well for my friends and family and I'll tune in again some time soon with some more "bigger and better" pics of the bump! Happy trails!