Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost time for baby!! :)

Colter & I before my baby shower 9/25/09

Well, we're down to the wire now with this baby girl on her way! She's due in 2 weeks from yesterday. We're so grateful it has gone well thus far. It has flown by and I have enjoyed being pregnant. My baby shower that my family and friends threw for me was so beautiful and unforgettable. I was touched by the kindness of the many people that attended or have stopped by and showered us with well wishing and beautiful gifts. The shower had a farm animal theme, as her nursery will be farm themed with pink, green, and hair on hide/black & white (cow print). In the background of the above picture you can see some of the decor theme and 3 cakes my sister Shanda made that were farm animals: a cow, a pig, and a sheep. They were so very adorable (and delicious)!! She also made sugar cookies with cow print that said "thank you" for the favors. Though there were fun touches like this and good food, the people made it special. We even got to have Diane Williams (and husband Doyle, ... after the all the many girls left, him and Colt came to check it out) as a guest all the way from Bradford, MA- very dear friends of ours from Colter's mission. Thank you to everyone!!!

Goofy pic Taryn took last week at about 37 weeks :) Whoever said black is a slimming color, was wrong! :)

Colt and I are keeping busy. I'm still working at my job full time for Wild West Performers and will until I have the baby. After which, I will see how we adjust to the new lifestyle and glorious addition and discuss with my boss what work schedule I'd like to work back to up to. I know my priority will be to enjoy and live in every minute I can with her, but I also have the opportunity to work from home, and to further assist our family, we feel I should take advantage of that. Things are going well for Colter and the Fire Dept. He has a good crew and a nice station, and enjoys it. I've now been sending him to gigs for my job without me (as it is not the most ideal image to have a nearly due pregnant girl running the mechanical bull equipment or supervising an event, lol) and he does a great job representing the company, but I have to admit, I miss going with him. We are still on the lookout for a piece of property and have made some potential progress and have learned a lot.

As for a family update, we had a big scare almost 2 weeks ago with my dad. He was just riding his horse Freeway in the arena and no one was out there, and than Colt and my mom happened to walk out a few minutes after apparently (as dad can not remember the whole accident) the horse overreached at a loap and clipped himself so bad that he fell down and we think rolled all the way over dad. It was very scary to see dad so out of it and in so much pain. It made my heart ache literally and my stomach turn. Colt, mom, and Kellan rushed him to the hospital and after a sleepless night for all of us, we found out he had a punctured lung, 7 broken ribs, a broken vertebrae, a concussion, and a lot of swelling and brusing. After many prayers and much faith, the puncture closed up, he was able to come home, and has now been recovering pretty well here. There is much recovering to do, but he is the toughest man I know and will be okay. We were all reminded of the fragileness of life and to appreciate our lovedones around us every day!!

Colter and CJ 10/09

(Now a positive horse story to end on...) Last Saturday, Colt entered a saddle ropin' in Queen Creek on my dad's horse CJ, and he won that sweet saddle above. I almost always like to go but this time being this pregnant and thinking of sitting in the bleachers in the sun and not getting to rope or ride almost deterred me. But, I'm his number one fan so I went :) I'm really glad I did because I know its important to spend time together while its just the two of still and it was fun to share in his excitement of winning the saddle. Colter and CJ are becoming quite the partnership and he's won something on her just about every time he's entered. She is an awesome mare but was just a reiner and Colt has done a great job working with her and now she's a pretty sweet head or heel horse. Way to go Colter!! :)

Well, the next time I write, we will most likely be two proud parents by than! I had a nurse tell me as I was on the monitor (I went into the hospital last month having a lot of contractions, but tribunalene slowed them down and I went home just fine), that our baby was very "spastic" because she is a mover and shaker :) But I'm sure she's just getting that out of her system now and will be a docile and perfectly behaved little girl.... lol! :) Welcome to parenthood Kelsee and Colter! We'll take it!! :)