Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meet our newest 6 month old addition :) Cager Wayne

Well my dear friends, you all know that here at the Buckaroo Bradshaw's we've just recently hung up the pony express saddle and were getting use to the "emailing era" when you all progressed into the blogging and social media world, lol. Its silly us though.  My own sweet mother teases me that I'm not on facebook.  So, thank you, my few blog followers, lol, for having patience with my lack of skill in this arena... And on to the important mentionings...

Meet our sweet, adorable CAGER WAYNE BRADSHAW! He was born February 5, 2012 at 21.5 inches and 8 pounds, 13 ounces big.  He has been the sweetest, cuddliest, easy going baby I could have ever hoped for.  We love him to pieces!  The story on his name "Cager" is that when Joan was pregnant with Colter, they were told it looked twins so Joan had the idea that she'd name them Colter & Cager if that was the case.  Well, it ended up being just one big baby Colter & as the kids got older and heard that story, they always liked the name Cager and wanted to use it in their future family.  The middle name of Wayne is after Colt's dad, Gary Wayne.  It took some getting use to but I love his name and it fits perfectly.  Cager is easy going yet socially alert & always ready to "coo" to anyone. He sleeps & eats well & smiles & laughs a lot.  He plays like a pure boy too.  Bryton is often too rough with him & tries to wrestle and he just growls & laughs.   Bryton is sweet and tender with him as well.  It is so very special to see siblings interact with and love each other.  You can sense that their bond goes way deeper than just this earthly existance.  Colter and I are both over joyed by our two kids and feel very blessed to be their parents.
Our LITTLE MISS BRYTON is still a little spit fire (although she is showing her sweet side in this picture :) and we love it.  She is usually making us laugh really hard, occasionally making us pull our hair out, & so often melting our heart with her "kiss, hug, & a squeeze" as she says it, everyone time anyone comes & goes.  She knows her colors, alphabet, counts to 15,  and can reason & debate with the best of us.  She loves to ride horses and the "vroom-vroom" & at the ropings, she is Colter's biggest fan and critic.  She yells, "Yeah! Go daddy!" when he catches his steers and "Oh no!" if he misses.  She was just recently found in the backyard one morning while Colter & and I were asleep, with a broom in the air chasing the horses because she said she was "catching them."

Here are some earlier pictures...

Now on to DADDY COLTER's update!  Colter is still loving the Chandler Fire Dept. & has now also been working for Porter Bros. Construction on many of his days off.  He is a hard worker and I'm so grateful for that, especially after having grown up with a dad that worked so very hard day in and day out.  We learned from him and mom to make the most of every single day.  Its difficult for me to understand people who are lazy so Colter and I work well together with life's tasks :) My family does love to play hard too though! Colter roped AWESOME this spring and won a lot, mostly heeling on the bay mare.  We've traveled quite a bit for it, mostly just local but we have some fun trips ahead of us for roping:  Show Low, Utah, Mormon Lake, than most likely the USTRC nationals in Oklahoma in the fall, and FOR ANY OF YOU WHO WANT TO PARTY WITH US IN VEGAS, LOL, we'll be going in December because he qualified for the World Series of Team Roping NATIONALS.  Colter is a talented, tough, tender good man, & handsome to top it off!  I love him!!

Okay, and lastly, MOMMY KELSEE'S update:  its still surreal that I'm a mom to two adorable children!  It really seemed like time flew and it happend so fast!  Colt and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary in April and I'm looking forward to an endless amount of more anniversaries.  We also just celebrated his birthday and we had a blast!  We took a much needed over-night stay at a gorgeous Scottsdale resort, Montelucia, and my mom watched the kids.  You've just got to do this periodically when you are married and you have kids!  It was so refreshing to just focus on each other only. If any of you ever feel like you need to do this, I will want it for you so bad that I will watch your kids so you can go, lol!  Just let me know! :) As for what else I've been up to, I'm still involved with riding & performing with Cowgirls Historical Foundation (www.cowgirlshistoricalfoundation.com) and as a spokesperson, we just celebrated the National Day of the Cowboy on Sat. (www.nationaldayofthecowboy.com).  And by the way, if you have anything you want to buy this week at Barnes & Noble, print the B & N voucher out on the National Day of the Cowboy website and part of your purchase will go towards this non-profit organization of NDOC that is so important to me.  I've roped once since I had Cager and I'd like to rope more but its not feasable with these little kids and that is alright with me.  I am also working part time doing some scanning from home, and whenever I have any spare time, I like to try to learn to play the guitar & write lyrics, lol.  That sounds cheesy but I love it and writing country music would be my dream career.  But, the job of mommy and wifey far surpass anything on this earth.

(This picture was taken at our all time favorite, the Reno Rodeo, just before rodeo legend Cotton Rosser walked over to our box seat on his horse, pointed at Bryton and said,"Bring that cute little girl down to me!" Bryton pet his horse and than Taryn let him know that Bryton was Harry Frost's great-great granddaughter & Cotton said,"To this day, Harry will always be one of my dearest friends."  This experience was a little heaven send to my family :)

Keep me updated in your beautiful lives as well! All my best to each of you!  Happy trails!