Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update from the Bradshaw's

Happy 2013!
Time keeps flying by and we now find ourselves at the dawn of another new year!  Reflecting on this is a gentle reminder to me that we must cherish every moment with our family and friends, make the most of the opportunities we are given, and be found in service and gratitude.
October found us on a whole new adventure.  Colter and I just took a caretaker position and moved to the Worsley family's private lodge in Heber, AZ. Its beautiful. Right now, it is cold indeed which means building fires in our wood stove, icy and snowy roads to plow, and bundling up the kids every day but that also means cuddling and hot chocolate... lol :) Come Summer time, I'm sure we'll be feeling smarter about our decision to move here when the temperature is agreeable.  Colt still works for the fire dept. in Chandler and just drives down (2 hrs, 15 min.) for his 2 day shift every 6 days. I scan documents, clean, holiday decorate, etc. and Colt tends to the 35 acres and 21,000 square foot lodge, and we prep for when guests come. Its 8 miles down a dirt road outside of the little town up Heber up on the rim.  We've rented our Queen Creek home for 2 years and we'll see how this adventure works out for our family in the mean time. It is lonely some days when Colt's gone, but it will make us stronger, we will make great memories, meet great people, all while making a good financial move.
 My little Bryton turned 3 in November and makes us laugh all day long at her wittiness and comedic side. She melted my heart the other day when I was getting ready for church and said, "Mommy, I wanna be just like you!"  That is drive for me to be better.  Cager, everyone's little buddy, started walking on Christmas and will turn one next month! He says dadda, momma, and da for doggie.  He is still as bald as the day he was born and I love it. They are treasures! 
I'm so grateful for my family and for the comfort, peace, and guidance that my testimony of Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ provides! 
All the best,

The above pictures were part of a photo shoot for the 2013 Perryman's Western Wear Calendar but these ones that we took for fun with my cute cowboy were my favorite.  And the last one I had to share of our pretty mare as well.  We're so proud of her and the job she's done this year as Colter's other roping partner.  (I will look forward to posting some more pictures of our cute kiddos just as soon as I'm able)