Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Is Well


All is well here in Heber, AZ with the Bradshaw's!  It has been a very eventful Winter and now Spring.  Bryton (turned 4 in November) and Cager (turned 2 in February) are getting so big and they entertain us every day and bring us so much joy... and the occasional gray hairs :) Bryton loves to be a little "mommy" and help me... and "give instructions" to those around her.  She is witty, spicy, talkative, and even uniquely insightful and spiritual at times.  She has been so concerned about telling strangers about our Savior Jesus Christ and likes to keep pass along cards with pictures of Him to give away.  It inspires me and makes me proud. She is in the 95th percentile for height so she is very tall and lean.  Her eyes are crystal blue and her hair is still blond, although she cut her bangs completely off without my permission...lol... and it is taking months for them to grow back.  That has been entertaining.  She loves to go as fast as we'll let her while riding our sweet new roping horse, Black Top, and she loves to take dance in Heber and make up songs to perform for us. She is incredible!  Cager is still my sweet, cuddly boy, although he is independent and busy.  He is so strong and so fast.  He is beginning to speak in short sentences that we can understand somewhat :) He too has the crystal blue eyes and blond hair with adorable curls now.  He also loves to ride horses and wants to rope everything in sight.  He also likes to climb, jump on the tramp, and ride the four wheelers.  He says hi to everyone he sees and loves to give hugs when parting. He and Bryton especially love the elderly and often ask me on the spot when we meet some "grandpa & grandpa" if we can get their phone number and if they can come play :) Colter did awesome at the world series of team roping nationals in Vegas in December.  He and Jerry Lilly got 12th place out of about 400 of some of the best team in the country and we brought home some cash and had a blast!  We especially loved the night when my parents watched the kids and we went out in Vegas to a fancy restaurant with our dear friends, Todd * Kerri Schaefer and Jody & JW Brooks, and than to an awesome Cirque show! Colt & I love to go on dates! :) Colt is still enjoying and proud to be on the Chandler Fire Dept. in the valley and than taking care of the property up here on his off days.  I often get tired of missing him when he's gone a lot, but I appreciate our time together! He was honored to play the part of the horseback Captain Moroni in the Gilbert Temple dedication cultural celebration,  I (Kelsee) am enjoying being busy raising Bryton & Cager (which is the best and most important),  having fun with Colter, working at Legacy Lodge, performing with Cowgirls Historical Foundation, & writing country music!  In December, I was about 11 weeks pregnant when I had another miscarriage. It was very sad.  But, I was able to have the experience at home rather than having to have the surgery and I had no physical complications. I learned some life lessons and had spiritual experiences that I am grateful for. We hope very much that baby #3 will be on the way very soon! Colter and I had the trip of a lifetime in February to Nashville!  We went for a benefit concert at the world famous Bluebird CafĂ© that I was the chair-person for the National Day of the Cowboy.  We were pleased to have Todd & Kerri Schafer come with us too! It was incredible! Fabulous song writer/singers Bryan Kennedy, Wynn Varble, and Troy Jones, put on a fabulous show.   I was in tears from being touched and than in tears from laughing so hard. It was an unforgettable night and these 3 talented, kind, neat guys are our new, dear friends.  Here is a radio show that I did with them: http://wsmradio.libsyn.com/national-day-of-the-cowboy-feature-on-coffee-country-cody Todd, Kerri, Colter, and I went to all the famous honky tonks and danced, and sang, and laughed all night.   We had a private tour at the Country Music Hall of Fame and it was so awesome! Than we went back stage to the Grand Ole Opry!! It was so surreal to be there and I just loved every minute of this trip. I'm so grateful for the neat people that we met & enjoyed & its neat that I can keep in touch with them about my song-writing and they have given me great, positive feedback.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity.  And our kids were happy as can be in the care of my parents and other family members :)