Saturday, November 28, 2009

Baby Bryton Bradshaw has arrived!!

We are honored and humbled to announce the birth of our sweet baby, Bryton Odile Bradshaw!! She was born Nov. 9, 2009 at 6:06 a.m. at 8 pounds, 4 ounces, and 21 inches long. She is healthy, strong, adorable, and sweet, yet sometimes "spunky" I guess you could say :) I am healing well and Colter and I have enjoyed learning how to be parents together. It has been a welcomed challenge, but we are so touched every day that the Lord blessed us so greatly with this precious little girl! I will tell more of her story as soon as I get some more time. Gotta go-- its feeding time for sure!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Almost time for baby!! :)

Colter & I before my baby shower 9/25/09

Well, we're down to the wire now with this baby girl on her way! She's due in 2 weeks from yesterday. We're so grateful it has gone well thus far. It has flown by and I have enjoyed being pregnant. My baby shower that my family and friends threw for me was so beautiful and unforgettable. I was touched by the kindness of the many people that attended or have stopped by and showered us with well wishing and beautiful gifts. The shower had a farm animal theme, as her nursery will be farm themed with pink, green, and hair on hide/black & white (cow print). In the background of the above picture you can see some of the decor theme and 3 cakes my sister Shanda made that were farm animals: a cow, a pig, and a sheep. They were so very adorable (and delicious)!! She also made sugar cookies with cow print that said "thank you" for the favors. Though there were fun touches like this and good food, the people made it special. We even got to have Diane Williams (and husband Doyle, ... after the all the many girls left, him and Colt came to check it out) as a guest all the way from Bradford, MA- very dear friends of ours from Colter's mission. Thank you to everyone!!!

Goofy pic Taryn took last week at about 37 weeks :) Whoever said black is a slimming color, was wrong! :)

Colt and I are keeping busy. I'm still working at my job full time for Wild West Performers and will until I have the baby. After which, I will see how we adjust to the new lifestyle and glorious addition and discuss with my boss what work schedule I'd like to work back to up to. I know my priority will be to enjoy and live in every minute I can with her, but I also have the opportunity to work from home, and to further assist our family, we feel I should take advantage of that. Things are going well for Colter and the Fire Dept. He has a good crew and a nice station, and enjoys it. I've now been sending him to gigs for my job without me (as it is not the most ideal image to have a nearly due pregnant girl running the mechanical bull equipment or supervising an event, lol) and he does a great job representing the company, but I have to admit, I miss going with him. We are still on the lookout for a piece of property and have made some potential progress and have learned a lot.

As for a family update, we had a big scare almost 2 weeks ago with my dad. He was just riding his horse Freeway in the arena and no one was out there, and than Colt and my mom happened to walk out a few minutes after apparently (as dad can not remember the whole accident) the horse overreached at a loap and clipped himself so bad that he fell down and we think rolled all the way over dad. It was very scary to see dad so out of it and in so much pain. It made my heart ache literally and my stomach turn. Colt, mom, and Kellan rushed him to the hospital and after a sleepless night for all of us, we found out he had a punctured lung, 7 broken ribs, a broken vertebrae, a concussion, and a lot of swelling and brusing. After many prayers and much faith, the puncture closed up, he was able to come home, and has now been recovering pretty well here. There is much recovering to do, but he is the toughest man I know and will be okay. We were all reminded of the fragileness of life and to appreciate our lovedones around us every day!!

Colter and CJ 10/09

(Now a positive horse story to end on...) Last Saturday, Colt entered a saddle ropin' in Queen Creek on my dad's horse CJ, and he won that sweet saddle above. I almost always like to go but this time being this pregnant and thinking of sitting in the bleachers in the sun and not getting to rope or ride almost deterred me. But, I'm his number one fan so I went :) I'm really glad I did because I know its important to spend time together while its just the two of still and it was fun to share in his excitement of winning the saddle. Colter and CJ are becoming quite the partnership and he's won something on her just about every time he's entered. She is an awesome mare but was just a reiner and Colt has done a great job working with her and now she's a pretty sweet head or heel horse. Way to go Colter!! :)

Well, the next time I write, we will most likely be two proud parents by than! I had a nurse tell me as I was on the monitor (I went into the hospital last month having a lot of contractions, but tribunalene slowed them down and I went home just fine), that our baby was very "spastic" because she is a mover and shaker :) But I'm sure she's just getting that out of her system now and will be a docile and perfectly behaved little girl.... lol! :) Welcome to parenthood Kelsee and Colter! We'll take it!! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buckeroo Bradshaw Update

Happy Labor Day all of you laborers! :) Okay, so these pics might seem a little off for me to be holding a 30/30 while pregnant (might as well live up the God given right to bare arms while we still have it) but we thought it would be funny, and so would Colter's silly ear plugs. About 2 weeks ago, we went up north on Colt's 4 days off to get away from the heat. It was what I wanted to do for my birthday, but we had 2 events last weekend on my b-day so we went up early. We stayed in Show Low for a couple days with his sister Tavi and her great fam, and enjoyed spending time with them and making visits to friends we have there. Tavi and Brian have 5 boys- 2 of which are twins, so their home is always exciting :) and we love it. We appreciate their hospitality in always taking us in. Colt, nephew Denton, and I went out to shoot and it was a lot of fun. I did shoot the 30/30 so I hope Bryton doesn't have hearing problems when she is born. We tried to put those cool ear muffs Colt is wearing on my belly but they just wouldn't stay. :) Than, Colt and I went spotlighting on a back road from Show Low to Pinedale and saw... nothing. But it was still fun. Than, we stayed the next 2 days at the Bradshaw cabin in Forest Lakes, and there we did see some elk, one of which being one of the most impressive 7 points we'd ever seen. We also went fishing which is one of my very favorite past times. But, I think I have lost my magic touch as a trout fisherman because all I got was some bites (most of which I think may have been crawdads...). But, I enjoyed every minute of it. There's something about hooking a worm and casting a line that is empowering :) Colt and I just enjoyed the cooler air and relaxing together. He has some great memories from the Bradshaw cabin that I always love to hear. I'm grateful we got to take that get-away together!

I also got to go to Oregano's for my birthday with two of my best friends in the world, Carli and Amy. We had a blast as we always do chatting and laughing and sporting Oregano's pazookie. I love you girls and thank you for your friendship!

I am now 31 weeks and still feeling well, but starting to forsee the physically uncomfortable side of being pregnant in the last downhill slope. Also, I tested positive for gestational diabetes so I had to take the more involved blood tests on Friday and we'll see what they say next week. I'm not too worried about it because it is common and managable, but I will admit that I was quite surprised. We were all joking that I wasn't allowed to eat my own birthday cake and that it was for "non-diabetics."

As for Colter and I, the biggest update besides the baby on the way, is that we are renting our house in Coolidge and temporarily moved into my parent's guesthouse a few months ago. Although I was initially sad to leave Coolidge, it has worked out very nicely for us and I have so enjoyed being close to family, especially while being pregnant and often home alone when Colt is on shift. The reasons for us to be in Mesa right now immediately began to unfold and we are grateful. Given this opportunity, we're now able to look at taking advantage of the market and buying some land, which is the goal.

Well, I hope all is well for my friends and family and I'll tune in again some time soon with some more "bigger and better" pics of the bump! Happy trails!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"The big bump!" :)

Okay, I've had some lovedones that live out of state that have requested I post a pic of "the big bump" :) so there she is in all her glory! :) That's at about 28 weeks. I am grateful for the big bump because it means growth, which is a blessing! However, you get comments such as one of my favorites, from my adorable 3 yr. old nephew Bradyn, who asked if he could "have the ball I was hiding from him under my shirt." Lol! Its awesome.

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Lil' Buckeroo is on the way! :)

Brady Fam Reunion, 7/11/09, 23 weeks

Man alive, the summer has flown by! And, as you can see, my high hopes for my blogging ability have deflated somewhat as I have forgotten to make an entry for a while! :) But, I couldn't put off posting our news any longer.... Colter and I are having a girl!! I am just about 26 weeks so I am due Nov. 7th. It has already been such a blessing and we are so grateful. Things have gone just right this time and I have even felt pretty good for most of it; still working, riding horses, and trying to be active but all while being cautious, of course. Colt is a good regulator of that and I appreciate it because it reminds me that he cares (plus he has a lot more medical knowledge than I do-- I just compare everything to equine (horse) pregnancy because of my studies- lol). I also appreciate how proud he is to be an expecting father. He makes me laugh because if anyone ever compliments me on looking a certain way while being pregnant, he always says "thank you!" like they're talking to him. He's a character :) Though I've been blessed with no complications as of yet, I won't beat around and say that it has been easy 24/7, or that I think it will be easy to cope with the changes physically/emotionally, but what good thing doesn't come with at least some challenges and experiences that can make you a better person/couple if you let them, right?!
The name we have picked out for her right now is Brighton (or Bryton). We think it sounds good with Bradshaw and I have been set on using that name if we had a girl for a couple years now. We think the middle name will be Odile, after my middle name and after my Grandma Odile Brady. She is due around my grandmother's birthday and that name has always meant a lot to me, as my Grandma Odile is one of the dearest women in my life- so kind and beautiful, elegent but yet a cowgirl, so warm and patient. I want to be more like her.
When we got the ultrasound pictures, there were some really fun things that we learned. First, the doctor said she has my nose (kind of the "BeWitched type nose" he said... which I still have not decided if it was a compliment or not, lol) so that was kind of fun to think that she was already developing traits from her parents. Than he asked if we had a "well built, athletic body type" in our family and we'd both really like to think so, so we said yes, and than he said that he could see muscle fibers developing already in her legs which he said was very early to see that. :) (I think at the moment Colt was picturing her scoring the game shot in a basketball game down the road and I was picturing her at the same time performing in dance/gymnastics attire). After that appointment, I called my mom and I couldn't hardly talk because I was so overcome with emotion from my gratitude that at this point, we have a healthy baby. I'll never forget that feeling.
My prayers go out to all of the women that are expecting, having difficulty getting pregnant, or who have had pregnancy that has led to heart aching loss. The good Lord made us the bearers of life for some reverencing reason... come good and hard times, I think we'll realize fully why one day.
I better try to get to sleep now-- this lil' gal feels like she is doing cartwheels inside me! But I have a lot more updating to do soon! Until next time!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April '07 To.... Now :)

Well, it was said (by myself) that us yokels couldn't get this blog deal done, but here we are! Woo hoo! Don't mind me if I don't know how to center my pictures yet or make this blog really fancy. Well, I am going to attempt to sum up these wonderful, nearly 2 years, that we have been married.

Colter and I were married on April 14, 2007 in the Mesa, AZ temple. We live in Coolidge, which is a small town about an hour southeast of where I grew up in Mesa. We have not been blessed with children yet, but our 2 dogs (an Aussie named Dally and our heeler, Kippy) and 2 horses keep us busy and bring us a lot of fun and smiles. Colt is a firefighter with Chandler and has really enjoyed the years that he has been there, and looks forward to many more! On his off days, there is work to be done and roping to do at the barn, as well as occasional construction work for my dad or driving an ambulance for PMT. I work for Wild West Performers and we provide western entertainment for events across the U.S. (corporate, private, city, etc.) such as mechanical bulls, trick ropers, wild west shows, etc. I work from my lap top during the week and than on the weekends that we have events, I often travel to them (and usually I am lucky enough to "hire" :) Colt to go with me). I really enjoy it. We are in Coolidge 1st ward and we love it. I am 2nd counselor in the Young Womens (shout out to my girls!) and Colt is a ward missionary. Both of our wonderful families are doing great. Colt and I like to ride horses together, rope, go up to the mountains, ride four wheelers, go on dates, and spend time with family and friends.

Highlights from April '07.... to now :)

  • April 14, 2007- We were married in the Mesa temple and had our reception at my parent's, the Diamond b ranch :) Of course, it was the most joyful day of our lives. :) Honeymooned in San Diego, CA.
  • Lake Tahoe, 6/07- This was a great family trip because all of my family got to go and Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places on earth. But an even more special place near by is the Diamond B Ranch where Grandpa and Grandma Brady live. Ever since I was young, I have looked forward to bringing my husband there one day and it was so fun to finally get to do that to share that special place and loved ones. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA & GRANDPA!
  • Boston, MA area, 10/07- Colter served his mission in the area and the fall is amazing there! It was so touching to meet the families that Colt taught, worked with, and just enjoyed. They mean so much to him and now to me as well. My admiration for Colter grew as I realized first hand how hard he worked on his mission.
  • Acapulco, Mexico, 11/07- That was an AMAZING week! It was actually our original honeymoon trip but someone's passport didn't arrive in time :) But is was so fun to go as a 6 month anniversary celebration. We stayed at a super sweet resort and just relaxed and enjoyed each other and the beauty of that area. Random detail- we went to Luchas de libre while there which is like Nacho Libre (fav movie of ours) but the REAL thing! It was hillarious!
  • Rose Bowl parade, 1/08- The group I ride with, Cowgirls Historical Foundation, once again, had the opportunity to perform in Equestfest and the Rose Bowl parade. That is a pretty amazing experience, well worth all of the work and time it involves. Colt had to work but he surprised me and flew in a couple days before the parade, which meant a lot.
  • Kellan gets home from his mission, 3/08- My little brother is already (and has been for a year now) a big RM! I can't believe it! It was one of the best days ever! He had never met Colter! I knew they would get along so great, and they do. We took Kellan to Bass Pro Shops and than watched all the "Bourne" movies to break him in, but he was already normal. SO fun to have him home! We missed him and are so proud of him!
  • My sweet nephew Issaac is born, 3/08- How do I tell this story in a nutshell? We are so blessed to have sweet and adorable Ike with us! He is and always will be a strength to me. He was born at just over 2 pounds and his precious twin sister Ireland passed on. She will always be in our hearts and is waiting for us in heaven. My sister Shanda and her husband Don and their kids will also always be a strength to me for their faith in this trial. Now, Issaac is a healthy, bundle of joy and we thank the Lord for him.
  • My cute nephew Jace is born, 4/08- My sister Marjon and her husband Jon Brown were blessed with a beautiful baby boy Jace. He came into this world with a few scares as well but he is so happy, healthy, and adorable. I look forward to every time I get to see his smiling face. We have the CUTEST nieces and nephews on both sides.
  • Ireland trip, 5/08- This, was the trip of a LIFETIME! Colter and I, as well as my parents, Kellan,Taryn, and several other dear friends from the city of Gilbert and the GPC, were able to go to Newtown Abbey, Northern Ireland as part of the sister city exchange to share with the people our cowboy culture! We were treated like royalty by their town council; nice hotel, private chauffeur, fancy meals, tours, and more, but the best part was the amazing and giving people that we met. We toured schools with kind of a "show" about our western heritage and they loved it, but we were just as intrigued with their lives. Colt and I went a few days earlier than the group and flew into southern Ireland, rented a car, and drove north choosing farm roads on a little map as we went! It was like a dream. We even stopped in on a farm that I believe the Lord led us to because the family we met, the McKnight Family, will be our friends forever. If you can ever go to Ireland, GO! A piece of my heart is still there. I feel my heritage there. I love it and can't wait to go back.
  • Colt's surprise party, 7/08- Colt turned 25 in July and I accomplished a surprise party for him, which he was about 1.5 hrs late to because he was roping. I was grateful to everyone that drove all the way out here and waited, but it really made it funny once he finally got home. His face was adorable when he saw everybody and he appreciated it very much. We had the mechanical bull there. Props to all those that rode. It was a blast.
  • My b-day in Show Low, AZ, 8/08- I turned 24 in the end of Aug. and Colt out did himself! :) He had a masseuse there for me when I woke up and rolled out of bed, than he'd made an appt. for me to get a pedicure and manicure, and after that he picked me up with the horses and we drove up north and stayed in our friend's amazing cabin in Show Low for about 5 days. It was so much fun! On Labor day, we entered the Pinetop roping and it was fun to compete together. I'm excited to say I never missed a steer but.... imagine that with team roping, I didn't win any money :) But, it was a weekend that I will never forget! More great times with my hot stuff.
  • UT house, Summer '08- My parents have finished building their "cabin" in Midway, UT and it is so beautiful! It has an apartment on it for Grandpa & Grandma Pugmire which is all the better to have them! Colt and I have enjoyed going up there many times, first to help build, and now to relax or stop in on our way to a gig for my job. It is one of our "home away from homes" and it is especially nice to be so close to all of our family and friends while we're up there.
  • Exciting news, 9/08- I found out in the beginning of Sept. that I was a few weeks pregnant. Of course, we were thrilled! I was feeling well and it seemed like the time was just right. More to come on this subject...
  • Boston, MA area, 11/08- We loved this trip so much last year, and we had free airline tickets, so we went back! We love our "family" back there and we were so excited that we were there to see our buddy Wilmer open his mission call! And thanks to dear friends, Doyle and Diane, we yet again, had a warm and welcoming place to stay. We did the same fun things as last year; made visits, went to Lawton's, ate lobster in Maine, enjoyed the colors, the beautiful scenery, and especially the people.
  • My miscarriage, 11/08- On the flight home, I unexpectedly began to bleed a lot, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I just begged the Lord to comfort me and He did, every minute. I found out the next day in an appt. that my baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was about 3 months along. It was hard to grasp but the Lord and family, and my sweet husband surrounded me. That day, Colter and I were actually reminded of how truly and infinitely we both have been blessed in this life and with each other, and if this was a trial that we needed to bare, we decided we'd continue to be grateful. I had the D'n'C surgery. They told us to wait 2-3 months to try again. I'm glad that is behind me and we can look forward to the future.
  • NFR, 12/07' & 12/08'- It seems Colt and I may have started a "dangerous" (in the fact that it may never be broken) tradition of going to Vegas to watch the NFR every year. Last year we went with my parents and this year we went with good friends, Joe & Pam Sirrine. Both years were a blast! Thanks for always being so fun mom, dad, & Sirrine's!
  • The new year, 2009- I rode in the Rose Bowl parade again, and it was another great year. I did not participate in the equestfest performance. I still felt like I was healing in a lot of ways. The new year is always refreshing in that it brings new opportunity to better ourselves and look forward to all of the joys that life has to offer.
  • The past month- Colt and I were in a car accident about 3 or 4 weeks ago, luckily it wasn't our fault though. It was a pretty good one-- the police were very surprised that no one was really hurt, and they guessed our sweet, red, Chevy 3/4 ton D-max truck was totalled. But it just got done getting fixed... ugh. But, experiences like that also make you very grateful. We came home that night and just held each other and were so glad we were both alright. We have been going to our brother-in-law for physical therapy on our neck and back. Plug for Diamondback Physical Therapy-- they're awesome! :)

Well, I figure I am at my blogging limit for a single entry. I hope you have enjoyed this lengthy update. If you skipped over it, let me update you: we are well. Now you are updated. The pictures attached are just some random pictures from "us" and some of these highlights. We love all of our dear friends and family and hope and pray all is well with you too! I'd like to close up in the name of... oh, sorry, it just seemed like that was where I was going with that.... Anyway, I would like to share one of my favorite quotes (author unknown), "Live each day like its your last, but still plant a cherry tree!"