Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well hellooooooo!

Hello friends! Yes, Buckaroo Bradshaw's are still alive and kickin' though I have not posted for over a year :) Life is beautiful, not free of up's and down's, but beautiful and the up's and down's are what make roller coaster rides fun & exciting, right? :) Here is the gist of the 3... okay FOUR of us Bradshaw's... Yes, I'll start there with the best news: I'm 19 weeks pregnant, due Feb. 8th :) :) Yeehaw! And, we just found out its a lil' cowBOY buckaroo! :) We are so very grateful and excited! Bryton is already talking about "baby brother".

BRYTON: She is 22 months old and thinks she is a teenager. She is still in the 95th-100th precentile for height but probably the 5th percentile for hair. She is constantly making us laugh and appreciate all the sweet little moments in life. She can carry on full conversations with strangers or friends alike (wonder where she got that trait...) but they are almost always about horses and cows. Seems she knows a lot about the subject. She does love to ride and be around the horses, & her Dallee dog, & mommy, daddy, Nanna & Abu (my mom & dad), grandma & grandpa (Colt's mom & dad), and ALL the cousins & friends. She can be so very sweet and cuddly & she can be so very.... sassy :) but we love her either way. She knows what she wants and she works at it. She is mischievious but yet very helpful and loves a task. She melts our heart with her "I love you's", her morning cuddle time, her wild jumping & laughing on the bed, her hugs (always with a couple pats on the back), and her kisses (always on the lips, to everyone... we'll have to break her of that before too long, lol)! The other day I heard her yelling "yeehaw" from her crib during nap time and I went in to find her straddling the crib, one leg on each side, with one arm in the air like she was riding a horse, and yelling "yeehaw!" :)

COLTER: My sweetheart is a good man. He has been working so hard, especially this Spring and Summer with the fire dept., part time on his days off for AZ Superior Cleaning (good friends the Hastings), and for Mechanical Bull Assoc. (aka, me). I just feel like I'm missing him all the time. He just got back from NYC playing in the World Police & Fire Games playing on Chandler Fire's basketball team. They played great and lost in double overtime to the gold medal team, Athens, Greece (which game included a 3 pointer Colter swooshed with just seconds left to take them into OT :). I'm proud they all did awesome. Bryton is a daddy's girl and he sure does a great job with her. I guess that makes me a "Colter's girl" :)

KELSEE: I'm enjoying watching Bryton grow and watching my belly grow quickly from this big baby boy on the way :) I'm enjoying spending any time I can get with Colter :) We enjoyed several adventures this spring and summer, including rodeos, ropings, mechanical bull gigs, and one of our best trips, UT & than on to Reno, NV to see wonderful family, work some jobs, & enjoy my favorite spot, gorgeous Lake Tahoe with Colt, Bryton, and dad; a summer highlight. I love my calling in church as YW pres. and I am inspired by the young women that I get to serve & serve with as well as the spiritual and growing experiences I've been blessed with. I'm still working for Wild West Performers and am grateful for that. I also appreciate my continued involvement with Cowgirls Historical Foundation and another great cause, the National Day of the Cowboy (, which is the 28th of July this year. We bred our Australian Shepherd Dallee and she had 9 beautiful pups this summer that we sold quickly. We had a blast with this and most likely look forward to doing it again.

I feel blessed every day for the joy in the my life and I pray for the same for all my friends and family! Until next time,.... happy trails!


kent and liz said...

Kelsee! I'm so glad to see you are doing well, and expecting a second babe. Congrats!! Keep up the blog posting... so I can keep up with you:) xoxo

chantelle said...

oh my heck kels!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are so extted for you both!! hope to see you sometime soon! your family is darling BTW!